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Back Strong, Back Fishing

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how to keep your back strong information for fishermen

The BACK STRONG, BACK FISHING initiative is directed towards seasonally employed fish harvesters.  Fish harvesters work on a seasonal basis in a very physically demanding job.  The purpose of the initiative is to educate seasonal fish harvesters about maintaining a healthy  back throughout the year with the goal of reducing back injuries.  A BACK STRONG, BACK FISHING pamphlet has been developed which promotes:

          • The importance of maintaining a strong back in the off-season;
          • Safety tips on how to maintain a safe work environment;
          • An at home exercise program that can be completed without specialized equipment; and
          • Proper lifting techniques.
        • The BACK STRONG, BACK FISHING initiative was launched in the Burin Peninsula area the week of April 22, 2013, just prior to NAOSH week.  WHSCC staff collaborated with the health care providers in the Burin Peninsula area in the development of this important initiative.  The ultimate goal of this initiative is to promote healthy living of seasonal fish harvesters with the aim of back injury prevention.