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Keeping Workers Safe


The underlying philosophy of the occupational health and safety legislation in Newfoundland and Labrador is an internal responsibility system. Its foundation is that everyone in the workplace – both employees and employers – is responsible for their own health and safety and that of their co-workers.

When it comes to health and safety, every worker in Newfoundland and Labrador, regardless of age, has the following three basic rights in the workplace:

  1. The right to know about what hazards there are in the workplace and what precautions must be taken to prevent injuries from these hazards.
  2. The right to participate in safety and health activities in the workplace without fear of any form of discriminatory action such as discipline.
  3. The right to refuse work that one reasonably believes can be dangerous to oneself or others.

When it comes to safety at work, it’s everyone’s responsibility.

Employers are responsible to do the following:

  • Provide a safe workplace, equipment, systems and tools
  • Provide information, training, supervision and facilities to ensure worker safety
  • Ensure that workers, and particularly supervisors, are familiar with all hazards
  • Consult and cooperate with their Occupational, Health and Safety Committees

Employees are responsible to protect:

  • Their own health and safety
  • The health and safety of other workers

By combining the efforts of these parties, the goal of reducing the incidence of injury and illness in the workplace can be achieved.

For more information on SAFEWork or other health and safety questions, contact the WHSCC Prevention Information Line at 1-800-563-9000 or 709-778-1552.