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Certification Training Standards


The Commission is responsible for promoting public awareness of workplace health and safety, educating employers, workers and other persons about workplace health and safety; developing standards for the certification of persons required to be certified under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, approving training programs for certification and certifying persons who meet the standards. All certification training providers and trainers (where applicable) must be approved by the Commission to deliver certification training. The Commission is responsible for the following standards:

For a list of approved WHSCC Training providers, please click the appropriate link below

Training Contact Telephone Email
Confined Space Entry Jennifer Wilson 709-778-1046
Fall Protection Jennifer Wilson
OH&S Committees/
WH&S Reps/WH&S Designates

Corina Goodyear
Charmaine Bungay   


Power Line Hazards Dave Peddle

First Aid Byron Osmond 709-778-1318
Traffic Control
Person (TCP)
Jennifer Wilson
Mine Rescue Dave Peddle

Diving David Legge 709-778-1030