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Research Initiatives


Research Initiatives include (i) exploring and defining problems and solution strategies pertaining to injury prevention, workplace health and safety, early and safe return to work and labour market re-entry; (ii) research related to occupational health or disease; or iii) applied research including evaluation, feasibility, demonstration or pilot studies.



Eligible applicants must demonstrate sufficient subject expertise to competently and successfully complete a proposed research project. The merits of proposals will be assessed based on their potential significance and usability of the findings for Newfoundland and Labrador workplaces. The Commission reserves the right to be selective in the projects it funds and oversee the management and completion of initiatives through regular progress reviews and approval of the final report. 

Applicants acting on behalf of their employer or another organization must demonstrate the employer's or organization's support for their research proposal. 

Research proposals must adhere to Canadian ethical standards for research involving human subjects, as well as, the Commission privacy policy, Information Protection, Access and Disclosure. Research proposals may require ethics review by Memorial University of Newfoundland's Human Investigation Committee. The administration fee for these reviews will be paid by the Commission.  

Funding will not be considered if financial resources are available elsewhere or more appropriately secured from another source.

Research proposals can be submitted at any time. The Commission normally requires eight weeks to complete a review.   


Stage One: Letter of Intent 

Applicants must submit a Letter of Intent outlining the investigators's contact information, together with the research project title, purpose, objectives, outcomes, and proposed budget. 

The Letter of Intent will include the name and contact information for individuals/organizations supporting the research initiative with signed letters of support. Applicants should also outline the anticipated benefits to Newfoundland and Labrador workplaces, and provide a brief statement regarding strategies for disseminating research findings thereby promoting knowledge transfer. 

Potential applicants may informally discuss their ideas with the Senior Policy and Research Advisor prior to submitting a Letter of Intent.  
The Commission will invite applicants, who meet the eligibility criteria, to proceed with a research proposal submission.
Stage Two:  Research Proposal Submission 
During stage two, applicants will submit a detailed research proposal which must include: 

  • Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Methodology (including timelines)
  • Ethical Considerations
  • Budget Details
  • Investigator's Credentials

The Board of Directors approves research funding. Approved funding will be subject to a signed contract with the applicant, any party to the research, and the Commission outlining the specific research terms and conditions. Research projects will be monitored by the Commission’s Corporate Governance and Planning Department. 

For more information please telephone the Senior Policy and Research Advisor at 709-778-1328.